36 ways to use facebook page for business

If you have business or want more customers then you must be on facebook to derive more people to your business.There are many ways you can use on facebook for your business to get many customers.[spacer height=”20px”]
I guess you are one of facebook user and know about popularity of Facebook.If you know then you must know how many facebook users are there across the world.You must know how you can use facebook for your business because Facebook is still most engaging social media network on web.Atleast people of every third country are there who use facebook daily.If you want these people to watch your business then you should also be there to connect with billions.You should learn how you can use facebook page for your business to connect with billions of people across the world.[spacer height=”20px”]



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Lets imagine if you could grow your business in months which you think is possible in a year.Will you do things which take your business to top.I must say for any business social media is only one way you can go to take your business to highest point.Take example of top gaints they too are on every social media network to let their users know what they have new for them.Top gaints know the power of social media which is i think became oxygen for some people to live for.[spacer height=”20px”]
So before you dive on social media lets take tour of using facebook page for your business. Here are the 36 ways to use facebook page for your business.I’ve categorized 36 ways into five categories.so you can start here :[spacer height=”20px”]


  1.                  Optimization of Facebook page[spacer height=”20px”]

    Every people who want Facebook page for business also want to have as many likes as possible to reach to more people on Facebook.So I and you are also included in that list who want to boost business.If You too are looking for the best way to increase likes on your business facebook page then here are many steps which you use to increase likes on your facebook business page.[spacer height=”20px”]

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1. People looks for Bio [spacer height=”20px”]

People look for facebook page bio
This step is in our list to increase facebook like because it is not the designe of your Facebook page which first time visitors looks for but its is the bio which visitor looks for on your business facebook page.[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Engaging picture [spacer height=”20px”]

Engaging Facebook page picture

[spacer height=”20px”]
So you should have profile picture, cover picture and other details like short discription and long discription.If you have a logo for your business then it is much better to use a logo as profile picture for your business facebook page.You must check your profile picture which you are planning to use as profile and cover picture beacuse Your business profile picture for facebook page if is not engaging then the visitors who likes your facebook page will not have any reason to like your picture that’s totally lose to your business.[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Choose category [spacer height=”20px”]

Do not forget to choose categories for your business that suits your business and helps visitors easily find you on facebook and google.Most important thing which you should remember for your page is to add your website to take visitors to your business website. If you add phone number and working hours then it will be more supportive to visitors.[spacer height=”20px”]

4. Describe Your Business [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook business discription

[spacer height=”20px”]
So After setting up picture and adding website and phone number step which come next is to tell discription about your business like what your business is for , what is your business plan and what is a goal of your business etc.If you have mentioned everything about your business to tell visitors then they will more likely to like your facebook page.[spacer height=”20px”]

5. Invite people [spacer height=”20px”]

You’re done optimizing your facebook page now it is time to reach your customer and business partners which your comapny has gained or made since it is started.The customer you made from begining are the first and most likey to be with you as they have nice experince with your company. [spacer height=”20px”]

6. Prepare presentation [spacer height=”20px”]

Before reaching your customers and asking them to like your company page on facebook first prepare presentation and webinars that indicates your company’s future plans with earlier customers and for new customers.Adding call to action in your inivitation will be an advantageous for your company.[spacer height=”20px”]

7. Choose medium [spacer height=”20px”]

Last step here you should take is way of invitation it means whether you want to invite them through e-mail or via post.If you have decied the way then go through presentation you have prepared and add your phone number , address , website and facebook page link if you have not added.Once you gone through then send an invitation to your customers and business partners.[spacer height=”20px”]

8. Choose target [spacer height=”20px”]

Your task of sending invitation is over but your work of increasing likes is still going on which stops at fan base or visitors you are getting on facebook page after an invitation.As you’ve started and got some customers as visitors on your business page then lets reach to more by letting visitors to visit your page again.To let visitor come on your page again you have to send them a email or a message about your offers or product you’ve prepared in last days.[spacer height=”20px”]
Wait for moment and take breath , I said send them emails or message it does not mean you have to send email to every customers .You just have to target your custmores or fans according to age , gender and location for your business.So You sent message to selected fans then wait and watch that you are getting fans on your facebook post.If your post will be engaging then it will reach to fan’s friends too.Finally You started reaching to more fans for your business page.[spacer height=”20px”]

9. Add your business page to your profile [spacer height=”20px”]

Add Your Business Page to Your profile

[spacer height=”20px”]

You must have question why you should add your business page to your profile.Its a very simple when you are trying hard to reach to more people for your facebook page then do not you think adding business page to profile is more than bigger advantage for you.Lets suppose for second you have company page on facebook but did’t mentioned it in your profile and your customer reached you and starts thinking that is he real owner of that company or not ? It will not only stop your custmore from reaching you but will also gives disappointment to your customers.So You should have website or business page on your facebook profile. [spacer height=”20px”]

10.Build brand for your business page [spacer height=”20px”]

Once you’ve setup facebook business page then started giving offers to customer on products and make sell on facebook page.All of these things is not just about selling but it will also build brand for your business on facebook.It simply means your are making a name or brand which custmores remembers and referes to others people.[spacer height=”20px”]

11. Encourage visitors to tag themselve [spacer height=”20px”]

I considered Tag as the best way to have more likes on facebook page because whenever you tag yourself on picture or post then you will also let your friends to see that tag.If your friends can see what you’ve been tagged in then they are likey to like that post or picture.Thus encouraging visitors to tag themselve is most important for you.Whenever you give offers to customers make sure that offer you are giving is engaging to let fans of page tag themselve.[spacer height=”20px”]

                  Engagement on Facebook page[spacer height=”20px”]

Do You remember the date and year when you’ve joined facebook ? Do you remember or had you knew that how many user facebook had that time .If you know thats very good or if you do not know then do not worry we are still here to tell you how and why facebook is best place to have more likes or derive traffic to your business site.When you talk about creating facebook page for business then You should know you are taking about connecting with billions of peoples around the world which give you a way to expose your business to the connecting world .So lets start with steps to connect with billions of people on facebook.[spacer height=”20px”]

1. Publish engaging post [spacer height=”20px”]

There is one says that if you can’t publish engaging or usefull post then forget about increasing likes on your business facebook page.Facebook users likes engaging post on facebook which gives answers to their queries or entertaine them.So you either have to publish engaging post or publish something funny or entertaining whatever suits your business.The best way to have engaging post is to provide your fans best deal that is not available anywhere else.[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Publish video post [spacer height=”20px”]


Publish Video Post on facebook

[spacer height=”20px”]
You have watched video on facebook.Video content are most engaging contents that gets many shared or viewed by facebook user.Video are also considered the best to permote any content on facebook or over the web either is it Google or it is Youtube.Question might have arose in your mind that how video content can get many shares.If you really have same question then ask yourself that will you watch video with trigered caption like “what happen after falling off from roof “.Yes Video is most shared content because it gain user attention quickly.So it will be good if you publish video post too.[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Publish consistently [spacer height=”20px”]

Now you know that publishing engaging and video contestant gets shares and likes.So next thing which you note down is that if You are not publish consistently then facebook user are unlikely to share, like and comment on your post because they have not heard you from long and facebook show content on users news feeds which is engaging or publish regularly.You might have seen you always get contents on news feeds which you liked earlier .It happens facebook let you see content on your news feeds which you liked or shared in last days. So publishing consistently will be an added advantage for you to get your content shared on facebook. [spacer height=”20px”]

4. Use tag features [spacer height=”20px”]

Use Facebook Tag features

[spacer height=”20px”]
For me it is best feature of facebook as it let you tag person or page you want to mention for your status.Even your fans , who liked your page so that they can hear from you , can also tag/mention your facebook business page to refer your brand to their friends.If they do so then it will also helps in increasing fans or likes on your page.I guess if you ever used this awsome feature of facebook then you can use it for growing your business.[spacer height=”20px”]

5. Use share features [spacer height=”20px”]

Use Facebook Share features

Share button is features if used by any of your company’s fans can helps in increasing likes on your facebook page.But for this you need to publish content which is engaging and shareable.You can even share you facebook business page easily for letting your friends know about your business.Further they can also suggest your business by sharing your facebook page.[spacer height=”20px”]

6. Viral content [spacer height=”20px”]

Viral content is a content which is shared so many time over the Internet.If you are publishing engaing post and making video post that can capture user’s attention then there are chance that your content can go viral by getting comment , likes and share.Once your post went viral then you can have as much as traffic that you can’t even imagine.You should always try to make post that has capablity of being shared over the Internet.[spacer height=”20px”]

7. Know competitors [spacer height=”20px”]

Know competitors
Facebook let you create a facebook page with so many features in which there is one more thing you will find usefull that is you can watch what your competitors are posting or doing.Facebook provided this feature only to give users a idea about what they should be do to compete those who have been on facebook before them.So feature of looking at commpetitors will be an advantageous.[spacer height=”20px”]

                Embed Facebook page for business[spacer height=”20px”]

You can also embed business facebook page on your website to let user or customers reach you easily.As said above facebook provides so many features to its user so that they can do their business well.You can embed any of facebook page feature showing comment button , like button and share button on your website. In a technical language we call this features as Social media plugin . So You have succussfully launched your facebook business page and learned how to make post to get more likes.Now lets use social media plugins for your business.[spacer height=”20px”]

Embed Facebook page for business

[spacer height=”20px”]

1. Facebook plugins [spacer height=”20px”]

We told you that facebook has billions of user all over the world.So having facebook plugins for your business is better choice.You can use this plugins on your website for letting your readers or customers sharing content on facebook.You can select which facebook plugin you want to be place on your business website.What you have to do to get this plugin is just copy the embed code of plugin and paste it on your desired location on your website.[spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook plugins

[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Like button [spacer height=”20px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]
Know when you knew what is facebook plugins then move forward and talk about like button.I’m sure you are familiar with word “Like Button” as it is tool which is used by the world to express whether they like content or not .So featuring Like button to your business website can not only increase traffic but also increase fans of business facebook page.For Like button you only have to place short code on side bar of your website.[spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Like button

[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Comment box [spacer height=”20px”]

Like button let users like your content whereas Comment box lets user comment on your business website directly which is also shown on users facebook profile.This tool is usefull when you have lot of engaging content on your website which trigered people to comment on your business website. [spacer height=”20px”]

4. Share button [spacer height=”20px”]

We all know very well about viral content which we have also covered in “Engagement on Facebook page ” part. Share button lets users share content from website by single click with their friends. So if you want your website content be shared on facebook then it is best tool you should use for business website.[spacer height=”20px”]

5. Embed post [spacer height=”20px”]

Embed Facebook Post[spacer height=”20px”]
You can embed your business facebook page post directly to your business website by placing a simple set of code which require no technical skill.Embed facebook post is new feauter of facebook which let you share what you have been posted on your facebook page on your website with responsive designe.[spacer height=”20px”]

6. Embed video [spacer height=”20px”]

Embed Facebook Video

[spacer height=”20px”]
Video is most shareable content on facebook and youtube.So publishing video content on your business facebook page can get most shared if you embed facebook video to your business website.There is good thing in it its that you can embed facebook video just by right click on video and once you gets code place it to your website’s content.[spacer height=”20px”]

                    Ads for facebook business page [spacer height=”20px”]

Once you’ve set up facebook page for your business and started publishing engaging contents after then you should permote your content on facebook or on other social media plateform but facebook still is the best platefom for sharing or permoting contents to get more visitors to your business website.You should advertise on facebook because you can target an audience or fans you want for your business from selected country.Lets see how you can target audience or reach to right people and select country.[spacer height=”20px”]

1. Place facebook ads [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook is the best place to permote your business page with other facebook user.You can also permote your facebook page by placing facebook plugins on your website or sharing page on other social media like twitter and Google plus.But to reach to target and right people in the selected country then you need to place facebook ads.You can advertise on facebook according to your budget plans.In case you have small budget at that you can also go with facebook ads as facebook also let you place ads for one day , one week and one month etc. [spacer height=”20px”]

Boost Your Business on facebook

[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Target local area [spacer height=”20px”]

If Your have local business I guess it is not easy to target every people directly.You either have to advertise your business on television or you have to go with print media ads so that you can have local customers .These ways of advertising is expensive too for your business.So if you can advertise you business on plateform where you have to spend only few amount of money for ads which is about 5 to 10 percent of money you need to advertise on other plateform.Then will you advertise on facebook where you only need little amount of money to target local area.Yes you can advertise on facebook with so many customization of ads like you can target local area which is much needed audience for your business.[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Reach to Right People [spacer height=”20px”]

Lets suppose you placed an ads on facebook for your business facebook page targeting local area which you think is more likely to be your customres.Once placed ads facebook will show your business facebook page to interested people of selected area.It means you will get customers who are interested in or liked your business.If you have right people for your business then you can think where your business will go when they will like to hear or buy from you.So these way facebook helps business find right people so that business grow faster than ever.[spacer height=”20px”]

4. Boost your business [spacer height=”20px”]

I say Boost Your Business that means whenever you got new product or offer for your custmores then you can let them now in very less time by boosting your product on facebook via ads.This will not only let you sell you product but you will also get more customers.So boosting your business is more than good deal.[spacer height=”20px”]

Place Facebook Ads

[spacer height=”20px”]

5. Daily budget [spacer height=”20px”]

This is important for you to know before placing your ads on facebook.Facebook is user friendly if you look at placing ads.Facebook made placing ads on facebook easier for you.You can place ads with small budget. You can even choose duration of ads it means you can place ad whenever you want for your business.[spacer height=”20px”]

6. Gender [spacer height=”20px”]

Are you thinking what is this for ? Suppose you have business of selling accessories of girls then will you target or choose men and waste your money in that.Thus choosing gender according to your need or business might prove right decision.If there were no use of selecting gender for placing ads then do you think facebook have this as option in advertisement.So place ads on facebook carefully and use every option it provides you.[spacer height=”20px”]

                    Business page Insight [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook features did’t end here.There are one most important feature left that is INSIGHT.When you create a facebook business page that time you also got Facebook Insight feature that show you a number of likes, comment and engaing user you are getting on your business facebook page.So this is a most important feature added to your business page.This feature let you know what your customers are interested in and what you can do more for them.Thus facebook insight will help your in planning for further.[spacer height=”20px”]

1. Page overview [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Page Overview

[spacer height=”20px”]
This is an tab under the insight feature of facebook displaying a complete graph of page likes, post reach and engagement. Page overview is tab for facebook page user to have look on fans engagements.This is very useful feature I’ve seen because it helps you in creating more enagaging content for fans of facebook business page.[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Demographic insight [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Demographic Insight

[spacer height=”20px”]
If you want to check more details about your page fans then you can check demographic Insight of you business facebook page in which you can know age group and gender of your fans.This will let you know age group and gender of fans who are interested in your business and you can plan or advertise according to this demographic Insight.[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Country [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook ads targets Country wise

[spacer height=”20px”]

You will find people tab under insight option that indicates your fans destination.You can check more detail about your facebook page fans by heading over to people tab.You can see location of of fans where they are living in and language they speaks.This is helpfull for business having audience from many countres.So if you have business which targets many countries then should check this weekly and monthly.[spacer height=”20px”]

4. Fans insight [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Page Fans Insight

[spacer height=”20px”]
If you con know when your fans are interested in hearing from you then you plan your schedule of publishing offers and post on facebook.This will not only save your time which can you use in other activity of business but it will also increase productvity.You can check when your fans are online by heading over to “Post Tab” and can know when most of your fans are likely to engage with you.[spacer height=”20px”]

5. Page view [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Page view

[spacer height=”20px”]

I guess you see page view for your website daily to check how many users are landing to your business website.Facebook also have same feature under which you can see how many visit you gets daily.Facebook provides you a graph of daily page view .[spacer height=”20px”]

6. Reach [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Page Reach[spacer height=”20px”]
You can not only see page view but you can also check how much enagaging is your post.Reach tab is another tab under insight option to provide you graph of daily likes, comment and share you gets on your post.This will help you in reaching more people by knowing engagement on your post.[spacer height=”20px”]

Final words :[spacer height=”20px”]

These are the 36 way to use facebook page for your business and to increase facebook page likes and engagements on post and boosting your business.You must have realised that facebook is only place where you can grow your business faster than other place.But You must understand that giving a best product or offer and publishing a engaging content on your business facebook page will only help you in getting lot of attention from your fans.So you should always publish post or offer which attract users attention.If you are using all of these 36 way then you can convert these facebook fans into a following which you yourself know the important of follower.However you must publising post regularly if you want engagement and more likes on your facebook page because engagement viral post that is win-win opportunity for your facebook business page.[spacer height=”20px”]
How to you use facebook page for your business ?[spacer height=”20px”]
If your are using best way for your business facebook page and if there is something left in this blog then let us know in your comment .

Hordy ! Ravinder Dande here, I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and an affiliate marketer. I get to know about blogging in 2014 and started in 2015. I am good at RANKING BLOG that's what I like the most. I share whatever strategies works with my readers.

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