How to use Custom Permalink in Blogger (A-Z Steps)

When I started Blogging on Blogger I did’t notice one thing , that is custom permalink , that matter a lot for the SEO of blog result of which most of my blog was indexed but not in top search result of Google even when I used those keywords having low(100) searches in custom Permalink (URL) field of blogspot blog. Later I started reading about SEO then I came to know that adding targeted keywords in Permalink is also a factor which let search engine index our blog post in top search results if matches with user’s queries .

custom permalink blogspot for seo


” If you can make SEO friendly post on search engine like Google & Bing then Search engine will love or rank your blog . ” – Ravinder dande 

Just because I did’t know about custom Permalink feature of blogger I did’t place keyword in URL field on blogspot blog . After that when I became aware of SEO including Permalink I started using it like placing main keywords in URL field of blog for getting indexed on search engine. From that day I consider Permalink a rewarding place to leave targeted keywords.

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Blogger also has custom permalink feature that let you configure permalink of your blog post according to your focused keywords. Most of blogspot bloggers in beginning forget to use custom permalink feature that makes difference for the SEO of blog.
Today I’m going to tell you why you should use custom permalink for better SEO . Lets start with What is and how to use custom permalink features for blogspot blog.

What is custom permalink in blogger ?

Blogger has been there since 2004 offeres a platform for users to publish blog online. Blogspot has many feature which makes blogger a better place for newbies bloggers but problem is that some of newbies bloggers are not aware of blogger important features that is Custom permalink.

custom permalink blogspot for seo

A custom permalink is a feature in blogger that let you add your focused and targeted keyword in the URL field of blogspot blog.
By default the URL of blogspot blog is generated automatically that use title of your blog for URL and remove the extending words title from URL and give you and search engine a default permalink of blogger blog.

How custom permalink in Blogspot is better for SEO ?

Blogger’s custom permalink feature do good SEO for your blogspot blog.To configure custom permalink of your blogger blog for better SEO you can change or add keyword of your choice I mean targeted and fouced keywords.

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The Day I learnt Why custom permalink is important for SEO I decided to configure it according to targeted keyword. After some days I saw result as some of my blog post was indexed in top search result of Google. It indicates that adding focused keyword in custom permalink of blogger blog can boost your ranking on search engine .
Here is an example of custom permalink feature in blogspot : 
Recently when I published ” Best SEO blog of experts which every bloggers should follow ” My authomatically generated URL in blogger was : 

custom permalink blogger for seo

The URL of blog was Good but I wanted to add my focused keyword so I decided to make custom permalink of blogger blog and changed it to below one :

custom permalink blogger for seo

After changing URL by custom permalink feature my new URL of blog post is above one.

How to use BlogSpot Permalink for Better SEO ?

I guess now you understood why custom permalink feature in blogspot for SEO is must for blog post if you want your blogger blog to be appeared in top search results. Lets move ahead and learn how to use custom permalink feature in blogger for better SEO.

custom permalink blogger for seo

You know blogspot permalink feature let you add your keywords in blog for making it SEO friendly. You can see whenever you write a blog post on blogger there is some option on the right side .

custom permalink blogger for seo

Your blog post permalink will by default be like : 
1. You may see that some words are missing from Title in URL.
2. At the right side You can also see ” PERMALINK OPTION ” under the menu “POST SETTINGS”. So Here you start adding permalink for your blogspot blog.
Click on Permalink option.
3. Add your permalink (Add focused and targeted keywords)
4. You can add focused keyword for SEO and make custom permalink of blogger blog.
5. Remember, Your Keywords are separated by “–”. You have to place “–” between keywords you enter for URL of blogspot blog.
6. Great ! You’re Done 🙂 creating URL for your blogspot blog using Custom permalink feature of blogger. 

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Finally You did what I left in my early days of blogging. I think that Custom permalink of blogspot with targeted keywords for blog post can improve search engine ranking of blog. Make your every post SEO friendly by using Custom permalink feature and see the result on search engine. Do let me know below in comment if you have any doubt related to same. 🙂

Hordy ! Ravinder Dande here,
I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and an affiliate marketer. I get to know about blogging in 2014 and started in 2015. I am good at RANKING BLOG that’s what I like the most. I share whatever strategies works with my readers.

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