How To Quickly Forward & Mask Domain Name ?

How To Quickly Forward & Mask Domain Name

Domain forwarding allow you to redirect your visitors from one domain name to another domain name on the web. Every domain registrar like Godaddy and namecheap has domain masking and forwarding services for their users so that they can forward domain names to their desired location where they want visitors to stop.
Domain name forwarding also know as URL Forwarding that let you move your visitors of domain to another whereas Domain Masking stops your domain visitors from seeing your domain names which you’re forwarding by keeping your second domain name in address bar of the web browser.

What are the benefit of Domain Forwarding & Masking ?

URL Forwarding is good for those who has taken wrong or misspelled domain name and do not have idea to correct their mistake by domain forwarding . Like this, there are many benefits of forwarding URL to new websites. You can derive traffic to your website by redirecting many url to your main domain where you want all your visitors to direct to from your inactive domain names. Sometime forwarding similar URL to your main URL helps in getting all your visitors to right domain name instead similar domain.

So lets follow the step by step guide to redirect similar domains to right domain name.    

Step-by-Step Guide to Forward or Mask Your Domain Name

⦁ You need to login to your Godaddy Account.
⦁ Click on ” My product ” .

My Godaddy products

⦁ Now Click on ” Manage ” next to ” Domains ” .

Manage Godaddy Domains
⦁ The list of domain names you bought earlier will be displayed.

List of godaddy domains Masking

⦁ Select the desired URL for forwarding and masking.


You cannot forward or mask .tk, .dk or .ch domain names.~ Godaddy


⦁ Move your courser to ” Forward tab ” and click on forwarding Domains.

URL forwarding masking

⦁ Now click on ” Add Forwarding ” button to enter desired domain name where you want to forward all your domain names.

Add Domain URL forwarding
⦁ You need to select forward option between http:// or https:// and enter URL to forward your selected domain names to.

URL Domain forwarding masking setting

⦁ Select the type of redirection you want for your domain names. The URL redirection is of two type that is 301 (Permanent) and 302 (Temporary) .
⦁ Select the ” forwarding setting ” from drop down menu. There is two forwarding option available. These forwarding option are Forward only and Forward with masking.

URL Domain forwarding masking setting menu

Forward only allow your visitors to see the forwarded URL instead of domains they are redirecting from.

How to Set Up Custom Domain on Blogger in 5 Minutes? 

Forward with masking redirect your visitors to another domain name without letting them of forwarded URL .
⦁ If you select the ” Forward with masking ” then you need to enter the information in title description and keyword fields. I do not think that I need to tell you about title, description and keyword.

Title discription Keyword for Domain URL masking

Masking is incompatible with some sites that use SSL certificates.~ Godaddy

⦁ You have to check ” Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change ” to update nameservers with forwarded changes.
⦁ Click on ” Add ” button to check the site you’ve forwarded.

URL Domain Forward and masking
⦁ If everything looks good then click on “Save ” button.

You guys can redirect any URL to another URL with domain forwarding and masking . You can follow given steps for redirection of your domain names. If in case you face any problem regarding same then ask below in comment.

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