How to Create a Facebook Business Page ?

How to Create a Facebook Business Page ?

These days creating a facebook page for business became the most important thing for any business owner.You might have seen so many Business facebook page on facebook.These facebook business page has been created to let user know about their company and product because business owners knows that facebook is only a place where they can reach to right people.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Since Facebook was launched Facebook has been changing its algorithms and updating feature to make it more user friendly for the world.Facebook has also updated facebook fan page several times to have more business webistes on facebook.So there are many benefits of creating facebook fan page .
If You do not know wheather you should create a facebook business page or not then You should go through the given information about facebook page.

Why You should Create a Facebook Page For Business ?

Do You Know How Many Facebook User Are There on Facebook ?

I guess there is no need of telling about facebook as facebook is the most popular social networking website.I’m pretty sure that You guys are also there on facebook.However lets gain some more knowledge about facebook which i think you might know and very keener to know.

  1. Facebook is the most used plateform for growing any business .
  2. According to the information of Statistic 93 % of marketers and business owner used facebook for their business.You can check here statistic about Facebook Marketing.
  3. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his post officially declared that facebook has passed one billion target .
  4. On 28 august 2015 Mark in his post said that facebook now has one billion active user.
  5. On 3 December 2015 Facebook launched its new feature of live video and collage to let facebook user share live video.You can read more about Live video here.

Now If you know how many user are there on facebook.Then you might be thinking ” how you can have these user on your business website and blog “. If you are thinking same then create facebook fan page and have these users on your facebook page as fan.For you guys I’m sharing very simple guide on how to create a facebook page for business website and blog.


How to create a facebook business page ?

Step 1 : Choose Categories 

You have to find an option ” Create a Facebook Page ” in your facebook account.Once you found create a facebook page option click on this option which will take you to the next page where you need to choose category for your business page.If you didn’t find option to create a facebook page then click here to CREATE A PAGE ON FACEBOOK  .There are six categories from which you have to choose one categories that suits your business website and blog.These categores are provided by facebook with relevant fields for its user ‘s business facebook page.These categoreis are :

Create a Facebook Business Page

  1. Local business or place
  2. Company, organization, or institution
  3. Brand or product
  4. Artist, band, or public figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or community


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Now select right category for your business facebook page .Make sure category you choosed is relevant to your business page.

Step 2 : Set up Facebook Business Page

Once you choosed categories then click on ” Get Started “. After Clicking on Get started you will be moved to next page that is where you need to fill some basic bio about your facebook business page.


About – You will be asked to describe your business page in 155 characters.This about section will appear on your facebook fan page.So You should write descriptive sentence here in About section.I suggest you to write your business website and blog along with description.

Website/URL – You can enter your business website and blog.You can add business website to tell your customers that your have website where they can visit to know more about your business or company.
Facebook Username – Facebook let you choose username for your facebook fan page. Facebook username help facebook easily categorized your business facebook page in list that is displayed to facebook user.

Note : For custom facebook username or URL you need to reach 25 fans first.

Profile Picture – You can upload profile picture as do in your facebook account.I suggest you to upload Logo or picture that indicates about your business.

Add to Favorites – You can add your facebook business page as favorite.Favorited business page will be shown on left side of News feed.Adding your facebook business page as favorite help you in moving to your business facebook page easily.

Set up facebook business page
Preferred Page Audience – You can also select Location , Gender , Age and Interest.Selecting location is important for those who has local business and same is applied to Gender , Age and Interest.Like Gender If You business that is only for girls so in that case you need to select women in Gender option for letting girls visit your facebook fan page.

Set up facebook business page

Step 3 : Designe Facebook Business Page

Your facebook page about , picture and cover picture is what your fans will see first so you need to upload cover picture releated to your business.You need to designe your facebook busines page in such way that your facebook page fans will like to hear you in future.You can also add more information to facebook fan page so that your fans can know what is your page all about. You’ve already added about and webiste to your facebook fan page.Now if You want to provide more inforamtion to your fans then you can add it by heading to about tab.
Cover Photo – You should add engaging cover photo to your facebook business page. The maximum size cover photo pixels for your facebook fan page are 851*315 px.This cover photo is second picture after profile picture which fans see on facebook page.Make sure that a cover picture you upload will clearly express your business.

Set up facebook business page
Page Categories – You’ve choosed category for your facebook fan page in beginning but you can also change whenever you feel need in page categories under About tab.Choosing right category is important because facebook show fan page according to category which facebook users are interested in.

Facebook Username – Facebook let you choose facebook business username or address for your facebook fan page. You need to choose facebook business username for your business facebook page very carefully as you can only change it once.Once you set username for your facebook business page after that you can not change username.So choose facebook business username very wisely.
Start date – You can select any option like founded , created , started and launched for your facebook business page .You can use any of this option to let your facebook page fans know either your business was founded or launched.
Address – You can also add address of your business or company if your company is situated at any place.Having business or compnay address on facebook fan page is an added advantage.In case your business facebook fan is near to business location and want to check in your business location then your facebook business page can help them and they can reach your easily.
Short /Long Description – When you Set up Facebook Business Page you add short and long discription of your business .Short discription is simple discription of business to give your fans a idea about your business whereas in long discription you describe everything about your business.
Email address – You can provide email address of your business website so that your facebook page fans can contact you easily via email.Facebook fans and your customers sometime feels sending their views about your business or company via email then adding email address to your facebook business page can be proved helpful to your customers.

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Step 4 : Manage Facebook fan page

You have successfully created a facebook business page now what you need to do is to understand the facebook admin panel where you have to do all of your setting for your business facebook page.When you click on your facebook business page from the left of news feed you reach to your facebook page where you can make required change.You can see setting options in the top navigation bar .You can make any change related to preffered page audeince , page role and page inforamtion etc.
General Setting – This setting is most common setting for facebook fan page where you need to select right option for your business.You can select wheather you want to let your fan tag themself in your post or you want to age or country restrict your facebook fan page.

create a facebook fan page
Message – There is one more option in navigation bar that is Message where you can reply to recieved message.You can here add your message for those who are messaging you for the first time.
Notification – This option let you see who liked , commented and shared your content.You can also make change to your notification like if you want custom notification from your news feed.

create a facebook fan page
Admin Role – If you have large business then you need team member to manage your content on facebook page.For this purpose facebook provided some roles like admin, editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst.You can assign any role to your team for managing your facebook fan page.You can give any role to your team member either you need editor or you need moderator for your business facebook page.You can see admin role option under in Setting tab.

Manage facebook business page
People and page – This setting let your know who have recently liked your facebook business page.You can also check who did you ban from facebook fan page.

Manage facebook business page
Page support – If You have any question or need urgent help for making any change to your facebook business page then you can seek help from facebook help support.You can check the status of your request you made to facebook help support.I suggest you to contact facebook help support whenever you have any problem like changing name for your facebook fan page.

Manage facebook business page

Step 5 : Facebook Publishing Tool

Once you’ve created a page on facebook and designed facebook business page you are ready to publish your first post.You can publish content with different option like you can publish a status, a photo, a video, a link, an event and a location.I suggest you to publish engaging content even ask question to facebook page fans.

Manage facebook business page

Post – You will find facebook publishing tool in the top navigation bar.After clicking on facebook publishing tool.In the post option of facebook publishing tool you can check your published, scheduled posts, draft and expiring posts.Here you can also check engagement on your published facebook post.
Video – I guess you that you can publish a video post on facebook.If you knew that you should know that you can also check your facebook video library in the video option of facebook publishing tool.
Lead Advert Forms – You can ads on facebook for reaching to right people for your business or company.You can place ads on facebook using Facebook Leads Advert Forms.Leads Advert Forms of facebook is the best way to advertise on facebook for your business.Facebook Leads Advert Forms allow facebook user show their interest in your product of company by filling a form.You can check more about Facebook Leads Advert Forms.

Step 6 : Facebook Page Insights

Finally Your facebook business page is ready for public and You are ready to go for first post.When You will start publishing engaging content on facebook You can see your fans activity on your facebook business page by heading over to Insight tab of the top naviagtion bar.Facebook Page Insights of your business facebook page is last and most important feature provided by Facebook for letting business owner know about facebook fans activity.

Manage facebook business page
Page Like – Every one who has facebook fan page for their business want maximum facebook page likes.When you run business you need to go throught the very aspect to grow your business.So you need to do here for getting facebook page likes.You can increase likes on your facebook fans page by posting interesting content releated to your business and by tracking the facebook business page to let you know interest of facebook fans .You should go through Inisght of facebook page daily for having more fans on your business facebook page.
Post reach – When you published post on facebook fan page your post is seen by the number of people in their news feed.But facebook post reach is totally depends on how much is your post enagaging.So publishing enagaging post is what derives a likes on your facebook business page.Whenever your facebook fans likes , comments and share your post then your facebook post will be reached to their friends.More enagaging post you publish more it is seen by the facebook user.
Engagement – Engagement is the number of peoples who saw your post on their news feed.Your post is spread further when your facebook fans or users likes , comment and share your post.
Final word : When I created a page on facenbook in 2012 there was very few feature at that time.Since facebook launched its page features in 2009 facebook provided so many features for its user.These days creating a facebook fan page became very important for any business as facebook page is only one place where the people of every country are online and looking for their favorite brand and business.You can check out 36 way to manage facebook page for business in case you need a further guide for permoting facebook page and increasing facebook likes.Facebook is also place where you can grow your business as faster as you can’t grow anywhere else that is the reason every business owner or marketers find facebook as their first choice for permoting their business or product of company.So If You want to make your brand then its only a facebook where you can do it.
There I’m done writing and publishing a content to help you guys in creating facebook fan page and managing facebook page.Now It is only you guys who will decide and tell if this post is helpful to you.
If you have created facebook page then do not forget to share.It took me two days to write about creating a page on facebook but it will only take second to share with your friends and let them know how they can manage facebook page.If we missed any thing which is to be in post or you have another question then let us know.

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