How to Set Up Custom Domain on Blogger in 5 Minutes ?

Setting up a blog with custom domain name on blogspot was what I (newbie) did two year ago and created blog with free hosting service of Blogger.

Now a days every one who want to become blogger and share whatever experience and information they have with the World can use their domain name on Blogger with little customization. Once You add custom domain name to blogspot you get identity of your work on the Internet then what You too like professional bloggers start sharing your knowledge.

How to Set Up Custom Domain on Blogger in 5 Minutes ?

I had created a free blog on blogspot two year ago. After one month I felt that there is something missing on blog and later I found out what was that “It was blog URL ” that look like I left whatever work I did on my blog just because of not having a custom domain name or URL for my blog.

So I moved on …. ! to learn more about what I have interested in and started reading about domain, hosting, blogspot, wordpress, blogging and seo. I still remember the day when I was reading about domain name on Shoutmeloud I thought Its enough now SET UP OWN BLOG WITH CUSTOM DOMAIN on blogger and went to Godaddy to buy Domain.
Every registered domain has IP address that contains A record and CNAME record for domain. When you buy a domain from Godaddy , You need to set IP address and records for the domain. Once you purchased a domain you need to use assigned IP address to point your domain to
Now come to the topic and set up a blog on blogspot with custom domain name.What you have to do for now is to follow the given steps and launch your blog today.

Guide To Point Godaddy Domain on Blogspot/Blogger

Step 1 : Purchase a domain name from When You’re buying domain name for your blog from Godaddy make sure that you do not buy any other package like hosting & website builder tool of which you do not need later.
Step 2 : Login to your account and click on the ” My Products ” option which will take you to the Godaddy product or domain you bought .
My product
Step 3 : In ” My Products ” You can see ” Domains ” option .
Note : You can also check list of Domain in ” Manage My Domain ” option .

Manage my domain Godaddy Blogger
Step 4 : Now click on manage button next to ” Domains ” option . After clicking on ” Manage button ” you will be redirected to ” Domain Manager ” page showing ” List of Domain ” .

Domain List
Step 5 : On ” Domain Manager ” page there will be a List of Domain you registered ” . You need to click on Domain to edit the DNS Configuration of selected domain.
Step 6 : Click on Domain of which you want to change DNS Configuration. Now you’re on ” Domain Details ” Page where you have to edit DNS Zone File and point Godaddy Domain to blogger.

setting DNS Zone file Godaddy
Step 7 : Now You need to enter the Google IP address and records under the A Host section of the DNS Zone File carefully. You can create records (4 IP addresses) in the A Host Records by clicking on the Quick Add Button. Google IP Address is which you have to enter in A record.
Note : You can/should use classic DNS Manager for editing IP address and records.

A Host CNAME Alias
Step 7.1 : Why A Records ?

You might have seen ” 404 error page ” when you enter the ” site URL ” without ” www ” . It happens because of not having A records so adding A record can help you blog appear without ” 404 error page ” . A records mean ” No server ” and You can also say ” Page not found “.

Enter ” @ ” in the Host box and Google IP addressed in the ” Point to ” box :
Sl    Record Type   Host    Points to             TTL
1              A              @     1 Hour
2             A               @      1 Hour
3             A               @      1 Hour
4             A               @      1 Hour 

Step 7 : Like you created a records in A host you have to do same for CNAME(alias) . Click on the Quick add button next to CNAME and create or fill in the details given below for the CNAME records like I did.

Details You need for creating a CNAME record for your blog :
Record Type : CNAME
Host : www
Points to :

Note : You will get ” Point to Code or Link ” on Blogger while adding custom domain which you need to enter in ” Point to “.

TTL : 1 hour

Step 8 : Once You’re done editing and creating A records and CNAME(alias) for domain .You’re done with Godaddy settings. Now go to for configuration.

Guide To Setup Custom Domain Name In BlogSpot/Blogger

Step 1 : Login to your Blogger account and go this way ” Setting => Basic => Publish => Setup a Third Party URL .

Setting custom domain name in blogspot blogger
Step 2 : Under Third Party URL you need to enter your custom domain name that you bought or registered and click on the ” SAVE ” Button.

Edit Add custom domain name in blogger blogspot
Note : When you’re adding your custom domain do not forget to add prefix ” www ” with your domain name.
Step 2.1 : You may get error while you’re saving setting showing ” Blogger or Google want you to create another CNAME record on Godaddy to verify your ownership of Domain ” .
Step 3 : If it didn’t work then check all of the change you made and do try to save again .
Step 4 : Go to the blog address and click on the ” edit ” and select the redirection option to save the setting for redirecting your blogspot blog to custom domain name .

setting redirect custom domain to blogger blogspot
Step 5 : Now when you created A records and CNAME(alias) record and also redirected blogspot domain to custom domain . You’re done. Now wait for some time or 48 hour as It may take time to see the change you did for custom domain name.

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I’m done with guide to set up blog with custom domain name on blogspot or to make it easier to understand for you I also added screen shot .I had also followed the same steps for launching my blog with custom domain in blogspot. So You can also follow this steps for adding custom domain to blogger .
If you’re not able to setting your blog up on blogspot with custom domain then let me now or hire me for same . I’ll help you launching your blog with custom domain name on blogger . You can directcly contact me on Facebook Profile (Ravinder Dande) and also follow on Facebook , Google plus and Twitter.

Hordy ! Ravinder Dande here,
I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and an affiliate marketer. I get to know about blogging in 2014 and started in 2015. I am good at RANKING BLOG that’s what I like the most. I share whatever strategies works with my readers.

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