What is a Permalink ?

Permalink in blogger wordpress for seo

When I was about to publish post ” Best SEO blogs of Experts ” I came across term ” Permalink ” . So I started looking for query ” What is a Permalink & Why it is needed for SEO ” for any blog on Google.

what is Permalink in Blogger wordpress for seo
After spending a hour on Google I found very interesting information about the Permalink and its effect on SEO of blog that every blogger must know. Lets Start with “What is a Permalink “.

What is a Permalink ?

A permalink is a link to an blog post. The Permalink is all about linking to your individual blog post that is very important for any blog website. It helps and give your reader a exact url/link to blog post which they are looking for.

what is Permalink in Blogger wordpress for seo
If you are not using the permalink for blog post then you’re letting your reader to land on Home Page URL of your blog not on blog post. So Using permalink is essential for SEO of blog post to be found by readers on Google.
Lets Suppose You do not use permalink then What will happen is your readers are landed on your blog’s Home Page URL and the result will be that they will be on newest blog post instead of blog post they were looking for on Google.
You might be thinking like how readers who clicked on url/link to exact blog post will be landed on Home Page URL of your blog ?
Answer is very simple “Just because of not using permalink for blog post.”
Lets have look on Picture :
An example of a Home Page URL/link of Blog : http://www.blogail.com

what is Permalink in Blogger wordpress for seo
Home Page URL of blog is a page where all post and page is shown to readers.
An example of a permalink url of blog post : http://www.blogail.com/best-seo-blogs-of-experts-to-follow-for-every-blogger/

what is Permalink in Blogger wordpress for seo

Blog post is a page only to your written blog that helps your readers finding right way to your blog. It makes SEO of your blog better.
Not using permalink can also effect your blog ranking on search engine and SEO of blog.

How to find Permalink of blog post ?

Now when you know that what is a Permalink then move forward and learn how to find Permalink of blog post . You can checking permalink of blog post very easily by heading over to any blog post of which you want to find permalink then put your curser over a link/url to blog post and try to check it if it has permalink or not if it has not that mean Link to blog post is not a permalink.
Keep trying because its Google You’ll absolutly find permalink of blog post. Once found you can hover to new address bar or click on it there. After clicking on url/link you will be taken to a page (exact blog post).
You can also use url/link to blog post in your post for further referrence.

How to set permalink of blog post in setting option ?

There are so many bloggers using different blogging platform and websites for publishing blogs. I’m sure that You also know which blogging platform are best if you do not the read here. In my knowledge there are only two blogging platform which most of bloggers are using that is Blogger/blogspot and WordPress. So learning setting permalink in both is very important as blogger.

Set permalink in Blogger/blogspot :

what is Permalink in Blogger wordpress for seo
For those who has blog on blogger/blogspot then you can see permalink option in setting.The way to permalink of blog is : New Post => Permalink (on right side).

Set permalink in wordpress :

what is Permalink in Blogger wordpress for seo
For those who has blog on wordpress then you can see permalink option in setting.The way to permalink of blog is : Log in to WordPress dashboard => Settings => Permalinks .

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